Creature Spawn Codes

Spawning & Unlocking Items & Creatures In Ark Survival Evolved

Our complete listing of spawn codes for all creatures in the base Ark Survival Evolved game and all DLCs is fully searchable. It includes detailed instructions on using the SpawnDino command to get the Dino you want at the level you choose. Also includes all Creatures and Bosses.

Complete searchable listing of all creature spawn codes in Ark.

327 Creatures In Database

Using SpawnDino

SpawnDino is a very useful command that allows you to spawn in any dino that exists in the game. You can even adjust the location at which it will spawn and the level of the dino you'll get.

cheat SpawnDino <blueprintPath> <spawnDistance> <spawn-Y-offset> <Z-offset> <dinoLevel>

Our search system above will give you the SpawnDino command that you need to spawn in the dino of your choosing. To change the level of the Dino you are spawning in simply change the last number in the command to the level you want. As for the positioning you'll have to experiment with that. Do keep in mind that with the command provided by the search the dino will appear right in front of you, so you may want to increase the distance, which is the number immediately after the blueprint or the first number in the command.