Beer Barrel & Brewing

Food, Water, & Farming - Ark Survival Evolved

The Beer Barrel will allow you to create Beer in Ark Survival Evolved. Before placing this expensive item you need to make sure everything is ready and you should keep in mind that it has a rather odd snap behaviour. The Beer Barrel must be crafted in the Smithy.

The Beer Barrel is used to create Beer in Ark Survival Evolved. Care must be taken when placing it to ensure it functions properly.

Setting up your Beer Barrel

Installing the Beer Barrel is not as simple as deciding where you want it and then placing it. This item can be connected to irrigation pipes and will then have a continous supply of water. The trick here is that you must place the pipes before you place the beer barrel. A Beer Barrel that is placed without a connection to an irrigation pipe will not connect to one if you try to place the pipe later.

While the pipe must be placed later it does not need to be hooked up to water though it is best if it is. There are also some reports that the Beer Barrel cannot get water from a reservoir and will only be filled if the pipe is hooked up to a water intake pipe for its water supply. Keep in mind that where it decides to snap to the pipe can be extremely frustrating. So make sure you have your water installed and that the Beer Barrel is snapped to it before you place it.

Here we have a Beer Barrel that is connected properly to water. As you can see from the image it is not exactly where I would have wanted it, but that is where it was willing to snap to the pipes.

This Beer Barrel is connected to water and ready to brew but because of the way the pipe snap works it is not exactly where I would have liked it.

Brewing Beer

Brewing Beer is a rather simple process. You need water in the barrel, Thatch, and Berries. Once this is taken care of all you have to do is wait. If you are playing single player this will take an eternity. If you are on a server that is running most of the time it will make things a bit easier as the process will continue while you are not playing.

You do not have to add Water Jars to the Beer Barrel right away. You can simply brew up a bunch of beer and then add a Water Jar when you decide you want some beer. Providing there is Beer Liquid in the Beer Barrel the Water Jar will fill up and turn into a mug of beer almost instantly.

A simple way to make beer is to have the Beer Barrel hooked up to a working water supply and simply toss in two stacks of Thatch and then several stacks of Berries. This will produce a decent amount of beer over time.

40 Thatch and 50 Berries will create 1 Beer Liquid.