Raw & Processed Resources - Ark Survival Evolved

Sand is an abundant resource in Ark Scorched Earth. It can be harvested by hand, tool, and dino power.

Sand is a common crafting resource found in Ark Scorched Earth.

Finding & Harvesting Sand

Sand is an odd one to collect. You can only get small amounts harvesting resources from the ground by hand. You can even get some sand in your inventory by standing outside in a sand storm. But to get any amount of sand worth mentioning you'll need to harvest rocks. Yep, you're standing on an ocean of sand and you need to harvest rocks to get sand.

A pick or axe is one way, but you'll want to get an Ankylo to really harvest sand fast. Luckily you can find both Ankylo and Doedi scattered all across the scorched earth map. This will allow you to harvest vast amounts of sand in no time.

Sand is an abundant resource in Ark Scorched Earth that is used in crafting.