Custom Recipe Calculator

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Our Custom Recipe Calculator for Ark Survival Evolved will help you get the most our of your Custom Recipes. Maximize your Food and Water supply quickly and easily with our simple calculator that includes accurate values for all possible consumable ingredients.

With our Custom Recipe Calculator you can take the guess work out of creating your own recipes in Ark.

Calculating Custom Recipes

Using the Custom Recipe Calculator is quick and easy. Simply enter your Crafting Speed and then the quantities of your various ingredients and click 'Calculate'. This will provide you with accurate information on what your final recipe will need to contain. While these calculations are very accurate they are not completely perfect.

Keep in mind also that Food items do not provide Water and Drink items do not provide Food when consumed. If you consume Focal Chili before creating one of these recipes you'll get a 100% bonus to your crafting speed. This you should add to the calculator if you plan on using Focal Chili.

For example, if your normal crafting speed is 140% and you plan on using Focal Chili you should enter 240 into the calculator as your crafting speed so that you will see the most accurate results.

Note: Eggs & Kibble all seem to provide the same results regardless of size or weight. I have tested several of each and it has always come out the same. For example a T-Rex Egg comes out at the same values, including weight as a Dodo Egg.

Crafting Speed (Minimum 100%)
Ingredient Quantity
Raw Meat / Raw Fish Meat
Raw Prime Meat / Raw Prime Fish Meat
Cooked Jerky / Cooked Meat / Cooked Fish
Cooked Prime Meat Jerky / Cooked Prime Meat / Cooked Prime Fish Meat
Amarberries / Azulberries / Tintoberries / Cactus Sap
Advanced Crops
Spoiled Meat
Rare Flower
Rare Mushroom
Sweet Veggie Cake
Organic Polymer
Dino Eggs
Human Feces
Small Animal Feces
Medium Animal Feces
Large & Massive Animal Feces
Recipe Type Health Stamina Food Water Weight