Engram Configuration Tool

Ark Survival Evolved Game & Server Customization

This simple tool will let you take control of the Engrams in Ark Survival Evolved. You can easily disable (Hide) unwanted engrams, change level requirements and engram points costs, and even remove prerequisite engrams. All the required code will be generated for you!

Our Engram Configuration Tool makes it quick and easy to modify and disable Engrams in Ark Survival Evolved.

This tool can also be used for Single Player & Non-Dedicated Sessions. For information on customization in these situations and for information on what customization can do for you in general, please see this page: Balancing Ark For Your Play Style

Using Our Engram Customization Tool

Once upon a time, this technique only worked by Engram ID. Which changed every time they moved the engrams in game or added or removed any. This shuffle would also happen if you added or removed mods that had engrams. Then came the ability to change engrams by Engram Class Name, and the problems were gone.

This tool only usees Engram Class Names and therefore it will work regardless of the mods you add or remove. It has all the Engram Class Names from Ark and all of the DLC.

Before modifying your game in any way with the code produced by this tool, please refer to the potentially long winded instructions at the bottom of the page. These instructions are there to make sure you get the code in right and, in the event of a problem, you can go right back to where you were before you tried these modifications. Enjoy!

Modify Engram Item Name Level Point Cost PreReqs Off Engram Off
Stone Hatchet
Cloth Boots
Cloth Gloves
Cloth Hat
Cloth Pants
Cloth Shirt
Hide Sleeping Bag
Storage Box
Thatch Ceiling
Thatch Door
Thatch Doorframe
Thatch Foundation
Thatch Wall
Phiomia Saddle
Preserving Salt
Sloped Thatch Roof
Sloped Thatch Wall Left
Sloped Thatch Wall Right
Wooden Sign
Blood Extraction Syringe
Mortar & Pestle
Spark Powder
Simple Bed
Single Panel Flag
Standing Torch
Cooking Pot
Multi-Panel Flag
Wooden Club
Parasaur Saddle
Training Dummy
Carbonemys Saddle
Glow Stick
Small Crop Plot
Small Taxidermy Base
Stone Arrow
Taxidermy Tool
Morellatops (Camelsaurus) Saddle
Wooden Ceiling
Wooden Door
Wooden Doorframe
Wooden Fence Foundation
Wooden Fence Support
Wooden Foundation
Wooden Triangle Ceiling
Wooden Triangle Foundation
Wooden Wall
Sloped Wood Wall Left
Sloped Wood Wall Right
Wooden Cage
Wooden Pillar
Wooden Ramp
Wooden Shield
Wooden Stairs
Cementing Paste
Fish Basket
Ichthyosaurus Saddle
Wooden Hatchframe
Wooden Ladder
Wooden Spike Wall
Wooden Trapdoor
Pachy Saddle
Sloped Wooden Roof
Wooden Catwalk
Wooden Railing
Wooden Staircase
Wooden Triangle Roof
Wooden Window
Wooden Windowframe
Adobe Ceiling
Adobe Door
Adobe Doorframe
Adobe Fence Foundation
Adobe Fence Support
Adobe Foundation
Adobe Triangle Ceiling
Adobe Triangle Foundation
Adobe Wall
Compost Bin
Flare Gun
Hide Boots
Hide Gloves
Hide Hat
Hide Pants
Hide Shirt
Large Wooden Wall
Portable Rope Ladder
Water Well
Adobe Hatchframe
Adobe Ladder
Adobe Ramp
Adobe Stairs
Adobe Trapdoor
Bug Repellant
Delivery Crate
Large Storage Box
Rope Ladder
Trike Saddle
Wooden Raft
Adobe Pillar
Adobe Railing
Adobe Staircase
Shag Rug
Stone Irrigation Pipe - Flexible
Stone Irrigation Pipe Inclined
Stone Irrigation Pipe Intake
Stone Irrigation Pipe Intersection
Stone Irrigation Pipe Straight
Stone Irrigation Pipe Tap
Stone Irrigation Pipe Vertical
Water Reservoir
Adobe Triangle Roof
Dinosaur Gate
Dinosaur Gateway
Feeding Trough
Fishing Rod
Lesser Antidote
Preserving Bin
Raptor Saddle
Sloped Adobe Roof
Sloped Adobe Wall Left
Sloped Adobe Wall Right
Wooden Double Door
Wooden Double Doorframe
Hyaenodon Meatpack
Large Adobe Wall
Wooden Bench
Wooden Billboard
Wooden Chair
Wooden Table
Wooden Wall Sign
Adobe Window
Adobe Windowframe
Equus Saddle
Metal Hatchet
Metal Pick
Refining Forge
Small Wood Elevator Platform
Wood Elevator Top Switch
Wood Elevator Track
Medium Taxidermy Base
Painting Canvas
Tranq Arrow
Wall Torch
Adobe Double Door
Adobe Double Doorframe
Dino Leash
Pulmonoscorpius Saddle
Tripwire Alarm Trap
Trophy Wall Mount
Fur Boots
Fur Cap
Fur Chestpiece
Fur Gauntlets
Fur Leggings
Medium Wood Elevator Platform
Procoptodon Saddle
Oil Jar
Reinforced Wooden Door
Smoke Grenade
Stone Ceiling
Stone Doorframe
Stone Foundation
Stone Stairs
Stone Triangle Ceiling
Stone Triangle Foundation
Stone Wall
Artifact Pedastal
Bear Trap
Crossbow (Stone Arrow)
Magnifying Glass
Stone Fence Foundation
Stone Fence Support
Stone Pillar
Flame Arrow
Medium Crop Plot
Reinforced Trapdoor
Reinforced Window
Stego Saddle
Stone Hatchframe
Stone Windowframe
Water Jar
Pachyrhinosaurus (Pachyrhino) Saddle
Reinforced Dinosaur Gate
Sloped Stone Roof
Sloped Stone Wall Left
Sloped Stone Wall Right
Stone Dinosaur Gateway
Stone Triangle Roof
Velonasaur Saddle
Desert Cloth Boots
Desert Cloth Gloves
Desert Cloth Pants
Desert Cloth Shirt
Desert Goggles and Hat
Large Stone Wall
Manta Saddle
Stone Fireplace
Stone Railing
Stone Staircase
Ballista Turret
Gallimimus Saddle
Metal Spike Wall
Spear Bolt
Tripwire Narcotic Trap
Adobe Dinosaur Gate
Adobe Dinosaur Gateway
Giant Reinforced Trapdoor
Giant Stone Hatchframe
Iguanodon Saddle
Large Wood Elevator Platform
Megaloceros Saddle
Metal Sickle
Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate
Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway
Catapult Turret
Large Bear Trap
Mammoth Saddle
Reinforced Double Door
Stone Double Doorframe
Zip Line Anchor
Diplodocus Saddle
Large Taxidermy Base
Ghillie Boots
Ghillie Chestpiece
Ghillie Gauntlets
Ghillie Leggtings
Ghillie Mask
Terror Bird Saddle
Wooden Tree Platform
Cannon Ball
Climbing Pick
Doedicurus Saddle
Giant Adobe Hatchframe
Giant Adobe Trapdoor
Simple Bullet
Simple Pistol
Longneck Rifle
Sarco Saddle
Scope Attachment
Simple Rifle Ammo
Ankylo Saddle
Beer Barrel
Large Crop Plot
Lymantria (Moth) Saddle
Tree Sap Tap
Chitin Boots
Chitin Chestpiece
Chitin Gauntlets
Chitin Helmet
Chitin Leggings
Sabertooth Saddle
Stone Cliff Platform
Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gate
Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gateway
Gacha Saddle
Pteranodon Saddle
Kaprosuchus Saddle
Metal Shield
Simple Shotgun Ammo
Araneo Saddle
Beelzebufo Saddle (Frog)
Gas Collector
Metal Irrigation Pipe - Flexible
Metal Irrigation Pipe Inclined
Metal Irrigation Pipe Intake
Metal Irrigation Pipe Intersection
Metal Irrigation Pipe Straight
Metal Irrigation Pipe Tap
Metal Irrigation Pipe Vertical
Poison Grenade
Thorny Dragon Saddle
Metal Water Resivoir
Paracer Saddle
Silencer Attachment
Greenhouse Ceiling
Greenhouse Triangle Ceiling
Greenhouse Wall
Gasbags Saddle
Greenhouse Door
Greenhouse Doorframe
Harpoon Launcher
Pelagornis Saddle
Dunkleosteus Saddle
Greenhouse Triangle Roof
Greenhouse Window
Improvised Explosive Device
Sloped Greenhouse Roof
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right
Dire Bear Saddle
Mantis Saddle
Metal Ceiling
Metal Door
Metal Doorframe
Metal Foundation
Metal Triangle Ceiling
Metal Triangle Foundation
Metal Wall
Carno Saddle
Metal Billboard
Metal Pillar
Metal Railing
Metal Staircase
Metal Window
Metal Windowframe
Grappling Hook
Megalodon Saddle
Metal Catwalk
Metal Ramp
Metal Stairs
Metal Triangle Roof
Ravager Saddle
Sloped Metal Roof
Sloped Metal Wall Left
Sloped Metal Wall Right
Metal Fence Foundation
Metal Fence Support
Metal Hatchframe
Metal Ladder
Metal Trapdoor
Baryonyx Saddle
Electrical Cable Intersection
Electrical Generator
Electrical Outlet
Flexible Electrical Cable
Inclined Electrical Cable
Large Metal Wall
Straight Electrical Cable
Vertical Electrical Cable
Chalicotherium Saddle
Greenhouse Double Door
Greenhouse Double Doorframe
Metal Sign
Metal Wall Sign
Omnidirectional Lamppost
Paracer Platform Saddle
Wind Turbine
Chain Bola
Cryopod (Empty)
Metal Cliff Platform
Thylacoleo Saddle
War Map
Flashlight Attachment
Megatherium Saddle
Metal Dinosaur Gate
Metal Dinosaur Gateway
Metal Double Door
Metal Double Doorframe
Industrial Grill
Remote Keypad
Spray Painter
Woolly Rhino Saddle
Arthropluera Saddle
Bunk Bed
Giant Metal Hatchframe
Giant Metal Trapdoor
Zip-Line Motor Attachment
Advanced Bullet
Fabricated Pistol
Pump-Action Shotgun
Tapejara Saddle
Unstable Element Shard
Flak Boots
Flak Chestpiece
Flak Gauntlets
Flak Helmet
Flak Leggings
Behemoth Gate
Behemoth Gateway
Megalosaurus Saddle
Advanced Rifle Bullet
Assault Rifle
Roll Rat Saddle
Unstable Element
Daeodon Saddle
Laser Attachment
Metal Tree Platform
Basilosaurus Saddle
Oil Pump
Air Conditioner
Castoroides (Beaver) Saddle
Snow Owl Saddle
Argentavis Saddle
Glider Suit
Tranquilizer Dart
Bronto Saddle
Heavy Miners Helmet
Industrial Grinder
Plesiosaur Saddle
C4 Charge
C4 Remote Detonator
Flamethrower Ammo
Karkinos Saddle
Managarmr Saddle
Transponder Node
Transponder Tracker
Allosaurus Saddle
Auto Turret
Hazard Suit Boots
Hazard Suit Gloves
Hazard Suit Hat
Hazard Suit Pants
Hazard Suit Shirt
Giganotosaurus Saddle
Therizinosaurus Saddle
Elevator Track
Rock Golem Saddle
Small Elevator Platform
Charge Battery
Spino Saddle
Medium Elevator Platform
Tek Bridge
Tranq Spear Bolt
Large Elevator Platform
Megalania Saddle
Rex Saddle
Rock Drake Saddle
Quetz Saddle
Holo-Scope Attachment
Mosasaur Saddle
Compound Bow (Metal Arrows)
Metal Arrow
Tek Gravity Grenade
Charge Lantern
Cluster Grenade
Industrial Forge
Yutyrannus Saddle
Scuba Flippers
Scuba Leggings
Scuba Mask
Scuba Tank
Bronto Platform Saddle
Chemistry Bench
Advanced Sniper Bullet
Fabricated Sniper Rifle
Absorbent Substrate
Plesiosaur Platform Saddle
Basilisk Saddle
Gas Mask
Night Vision
Rocket Launcher
Rocket Propelled Grenade
Homing Under Water Mine
Industrial Cooker
Rocket Homing Missile
Tusoteuthis (Tuso) Saddle
Unassembled Mek
Riot Shield
Mosasaur Platform Saddle
Minigun Turret
Electric Prod
Pheromone Dart
Rocket Pod
Shocking Tranquilizer Dart
Cannon Shell
Quetz Platform Saddle
Riot Boots
Riot Chestpiece
Riot Gauntlets
Riot Helmet
Riot Leggins
Rocket Turret
Heavy Auto Turret
Titanosaur Platform Saddle

Code - Game.ini

Installing The Code: Step #1

Shutdown the Ark Survival Evolved Dedicated Server. The server cannot be running while you edit these files. Then make a copy of your 'Saved' directory and put it somewhere safe. This directory can be found in the 'ShooterGame' directory of your Ark Server. This will backup your world, character profiles, and current configuration files just in case. That is why I said earlier that it is important to read the instructions. If something goes wrong you can just restore your backed up files and be back to where you started.

Installing The Code: Step #2

Now we need to edit the Game.ini file.The first line in the box may already exist in your file. If so, omit this line when you copy your code and simply place the code below the line already existing in your file.

To find your Game.ini file, look in your server's directory for one of the following directories, depending on which OS your server box is running:



If you have already added code to this file, then there are two possibilities. Look at the custom code generated by our tool. If the first line already exists in your Game.ini file, do not copy that line. But do copy everything else and put it in your Game.ini file under where that line appears.

If the first line you see in our code box does not exist in your Game.ini file then you can simply copy and paste all of the code and put it at the end of the file.

Remember you must save and close the file after editing it.

As a final note, if you have already tried to setup custom engram configurations then you must remove all of that and replace it all with the code from this tool. Having information specified more than once can cause havoc with the server.

Installing The Code: Step #3

Now we have to test things. Make sure you have saved the changes to the Game.ini file and closed it. Then start your server and login to the game with your game client. Then disconnect from your server and shut it down.

Check the Game.ini file again. If the server likes the code, it will all still be there. If there was a problem with it then the server will have replaced the file with a fresh copy that is blank.

As long as the code is still in that file, you're good to go. If it didn't work, please try again and make sure that you have followed the instructions exactly. I've tested this tool many times on both Windows and Linux servers and it works like a charm. With this code properly installed in the right Game.ini file you should have no problems.