Industrial Forge

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The Industrial Forge in Ark does the same thing as the Refining Forge, but with a few major differences. The first difference is that it can process large volumes of different materials at the same time. The second difference is that it costs a massive amount of resources to construct. The final difference is that it requires fuel to operate. The Industrial Forge must be constructed in the Fabricator.

The Industrial Forge is the mass production forge for Ark. It can process large volumes of materials and can also produce charcoal.

Installing & Using The Industrial Forge

The Industrial Forge in Ark is a huge construct. To place it comfortably you'll need a 5-foundation by 5-foundation area. You will also need to make sure the walls are at least 6 segments tall if you want it inside with a roof over it.

Once installed however, the Industrial Forge is easy to use. It will produce everything the regular forge will produce. Wood put in the Industrial Forge will be converted into Charcoal over time as well. The big difference between the Industrial Forge and the Refining Forge is the fact that it requires Fuel and its sheer capacity. Keep in mind that you will want to make sure you turn it off once it has processed all of the materials in it because it will keep running until it runs out of Fuel.

The Industrial Forge is a huge construct that can mass process resources in Ark.