Raw Salt

Raw & Processed Resources - Ark Survival Evolved

Salt is a raw resource in Ark Scorched Earth and is relatively easy to find in quantity. While the obvious sources are the large off-white formations commonly found out in the desert, there are other much easier places to find Salt.

Raw Salt is a common resource found in Ark Scorched Earth.

Finding Salt in Scorched Earth

The most obvious place is the large Salt Deposits that are found mostly in the outer desert. But that is not the only good place you can find Salt. There are bones all over in most areas and many of these can be harvested for Salt. So far I've found that you need a Pick for this with a Metal Pick being the best.

Some bones can be mined for Raw Salt in Ark Scorched Earth

Raw Salt Deposits are the fastest way to aquire good amounts of Raw Salt in Ark Scorched Earth.