Industrial Cooker

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The Industrial Cooker is the only way in Ark to mass produce recipes. Whether they be the Rockwell Recipes or Custom Recipes you can batch produce them effectively in the Industrial Cooker. It is an extremely expensive item and is very picky on its installation if you want it hooked up to water. Once you have this setup you can simply load it to bursting with your ingredients and fire it up. It not only has a huge capacity, but it is quite fast.

The Industrial Cooker in Ark Survival Evolved can be used to make large quantities of recipes very quickly.

Crafting and Placing the Industrial Cooker

The Industrial Cooker is crafted in the Fabricator Once you have it crafted you'll need to place it. But first you need to install your pipes and hook them to water. The water source may need to be from an actual water intake pipe. This may have changed so that you can use a reservoir, but just to be safe I'd suggest that you use an intake pipe.

Also keep in mind that if the water is not installed and working before you place the Industrial Cooker you will have to Demolish your Industrial Cooker, craft a new one, and install it on the working water line. Also note that this is an extremely expensive item to craft so you're better off safe than very sorry. Note that the Industrial Cooker will snap to your pipes when it is correctly positioned, so you won't have complete control over where it goes. It will snap where the snap points align.

Here we have the Industrial Cooker from Ark installed and connected to a working water supply.

Using the Industrial Cooker

Using the Industrial Cooker is quite simple once you have it installed with a water supply. If you don't have it hooked up to water you'll need to add several water containers to it.

With water taken care of all you need to do is add your ingredients. You don't need to put the actual recipe paper in unless you are using a custom recipe. Once you have loaded all of your ingredients just throw in a can of gas or more and you'll get a 'Turn On' button. Turn the Industrial Cooker on and watch it work its magic. Or wander off and do your thing. Keep in mind once you turn it on it will run until you turn it off or it runs out of fuel.

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