Food, Water, & Farming

Food, Water, & Farming - Ark Survival Evolved

This detailed collection of guides covers the basics of Food, Water, and Farming in Ark Survival Evolved. From simple hunting to farming and food preservation, we've got it covered.

Collection of guides and videos covering basic food, water, and farming in Ark Survival Evolved.

One of the first stumbling blocks to survival in Ark Survival Evolved is the aquisition of food and water. Without these two elements you don't even have a chance. But it doesn't have to be hard to keep supplied if you know the basics. This guide will get you off to a good start with the food and water.

Getting a good supply of both food and water in Ark Survival Evolved is the first step to survival.

Gathering berries may well be a way to keep from starving, but it is a slow and sometimes painful process. There are also some veggies that you simply can't get from simple foraging. These you will only find seeds for, and they require at least a simple farm setup. This guide will show you how to get a decent basic farm up and running.

Setting up a basic farming system in Ark Survival Evolved.

You can easily boost your crop production and gain a fresh water supply using Compost Bins and Water Reservoirs.

Boost your crop production and fresh water supply with Compost Bins and Water Reservoirs.

The Rockwell Recipes in Ark are pretty much this game's equivalent of magic potions. With these recipes you can transform food for preservation as well as create meals that affect your character's stats and abilities.

The Rockwell Recipes in Ark Survival Evolved are the game's equivalent of magical potions or brew. With these you can transform and preserve food, as well as alter your character's stats and abilities.

There are several different crops that you can grow in Ark. These range from the standard berry crops to the more advanced fruit and vegetable crops. You can even grow Plant Species X, a form of organic plant turret which you can use for defense of a base, or install on platforms for mobile firepower.

There are several different crops that you can grow in Ark. Some are fairly easy to grow, while others have more specialized requirements.

The cooking pot in Ark has uses that some players may find surprising. In Ark you can create the equivalent of Magic Potions or Power-Ups using the Cooking Pot. There is even a new RP custom recipe system that allows you to make your own concoctions.

The cooking pot in Ark can be used to create the Rockwell Recipes as well as custom RP recipes.

The Beer Barrel allows you to create beer in Ark Survival Evolved. This is a very expensive item resource-wise, and you need to be careful with its placement if you want it to function properly.

The Beer Barrel is used to create Beer in Ark Survival Evolved. Care must be taken when placing it to ensure it functions properly.

While extremely expensive on resources the Industrial Cooker allows you to rapidly produce large quantities of the various Recipes in Ark. It can also be used to cook Custom Recipes. Installation of the industrial cooker can be a bit tricky if you want it hooked up to water, but it is the best way to cook those recipes.

The Industrial Cooker in Ark Survival Evolved can be used to make large quantities of recipes very quickly.

If you want to cook a lot of meat quickly, or if you need a good heat source, the Industrial Grill can get the job done. In Ark Survival Evolved it is the only way to cook a large quantity of meat quickly. While you could use multiple campfires, this grill will cook 13 peices of meat at the same time and is faster than the camfire.

The Industrial Grill is the best way to cook large quantities of meat quickly in Ark Survival Evolved.

You can create custom recipes in Ark. With these you will be able to come up with your own potions and meals that will provide you with a wide variety of benefits.

By creating custom recipes in Ark you can create your own special potions and protective items.