Raw & Processed Resources - Ark Survival Evolved

Pelts are a rare and difficult resource to collect in Ark. They are harvested from a select few creatures, most of which inhabit the Snow Biome. Pelts are used for the creation of the Fur Armor set, which is required to survive in the colder (Snow Biome) regions of Ark.

Pelts are harvested from a select few creatures in Ark, and are using in a few crafting projects.

Harvesting Pelts

Pelts are harvested from the creatures inhabiting the Snow Biome. If you want fur armor you'll have to brave the cold without this protection.

Mammoths, and Direwolves are a good example of what you need to be hunting to get pelts. Keep in mind that for harvesting pelts the same rules apply as for Hides. A hatchet is the best tool, with Metal being far superior to Stone.

One thing that can really help you endure the cold while harvesting pelts for your Fur Armor is the Fira Curry, which is one of the Rockwell Recipes. This helps increase your resistance to cold.

The Stone Hatchet is the basic wood gathering tool in Ark. You can also get small amounts of Thatch with this tool as well.

The Metal Hatchet is the main hand held tool for gathering wood in Ark. It will also produce small amounts of Thatch.