Creating Custom Recipes

Food, Water, & Farming - Ark Survival Evolved

Custom Recipes can help you maximize your Food and Water supply. Custom Recipes are easy to create in Ark Survival Evolved and spoil much more slowly than most crops and meats. But there are a few tricks that you should be aware of to make your usage of the Custom Recipe system as easy and efficient as possible.

Creating custom recipes in Ark allows you the flexibility to create your own power-ups and defensive items.

Creating Custom Recipes

Creating a custom recipe is a simple though not obvious process. The creation of Custom Recipes requires a Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker, your ingredients, and a blank Note. Once you have these items the process is as follows:

1. Put ingredients & a blank note into the Cooking Pot
2. Look a the Cooking Pot and press E unit the wheel appears and select 'Create Recipe'
3. Enter at Least a Name for your Recipe & choose whether it is a Food or Drink
4. Click Create Recipe

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Using A Custom Recipe

To use your Custom Recipe simply put the Recipe (the actual recipe card) into the Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker and add your ingredients. Then light up the cooker and wait. These recipes cook extremely fast so you won't be waiting long!

Maximizing Custom Recipes

There are two factors that affect the quality of a Custom Recipe. The first is the Ingredients you use and the second is your Crafting Speed skill. The higher your Crafting Speed the better the result.

But there are two tricks to the Crafting Speed part of the equation. First you can use Focal Chili to get a 100% boost to your Crafting Speed. Secondly you can use a Mind Wipe Tonic to reset your stats and put all your points into Crafting Speed. Then make all the recipes you want, and use another Focal Chili to put your points back to where you want them.

The biggest bonus here is that once you have created the recipe you don't have to worry about your Crafting Speed. As soon as you have created the Custom Recipe it will retain its stats no matter who makes it or their Crafting Speed. So you can make a ton of super recipes and rest easy knowing that they will never lose their quality.

Custom Recipe Ingredients & Calculator

For a complete list of items you can add to your custom recipes and a calculator to help you figure out the best recipes check this out:

Custom Recipe Calculator.