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Flint is one of the most common resources in Ark, and is used in various forms and in a vast number of crafting projects. It is also a very long lasting fuel for fire. Most commonly harvested by Pick, either Metal or Stone, it is most effectively harvested with Dino Power.

Flint is a very common resource in Ark. It is used to fuel fire as well as for the crafting of many items and resources.

Finding & Harvesting Flint

You can harvest flint from nearly any rock by using a pick. Stone Picks work fine, but your best solution to get large amounts of flint quickly is with Dino Power. The size of the rock doesn't always determine the amount of Flint that you will get. In fact, when harvesting with a pick you'lll almost always get far more flint than stone.

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Harvesting Flint With Dino Power

Harvesting Flint with Dino power is the fastest and easiest way to get large quantities. In less than 30 minutes you can harvest 300-500 or more Flint using an Ankylosaurus. This of course assumes there are a good number of rocks to harvest in the area. Do keep in mind that this is from normal rocks. Using an Ankylo to harvest Obsidian, Rich Metal Rocks, or Crystal will produce good amounts of those resources. Yep, it's great to harvest those resources too!

The fastest way to harvest vast quantities of Flint in Ark is by using an Ankylosaurus or Ankylo.