Dino Spawn Configuration Tool

Ark Survival Evolved Game & Server Customization

This tool allows you to quickly and easily adjust the Dino spawn rates in Ark Survival Evolved. It also allows you to disable or substitute the spawning of the various Dinos. Fast and easy to use, this tool gives you the code you need as well as detailed instructions on how to make it work for you!

Use our Dino Spawn Configuration Tool to adjust what Dinos can and can't spawn as well as disabling different dinos completely.

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Simply adjust the settings and click 'Generate Code'. The code will be created for your GameUserSettings.ini and your Game.ini as needed.

This tool can also be used for Single Player & Non-Dedicated Sessions. For information on customization in these situations and for information on what customization can do for you in general please see this page: Balancing Ark For Your Play Style

Disabling And Swapping Dino Spawns

To change the spawning of a Dino or Creature, simply select it in the box under Dino Name. Then use the box under replace with to change it. You can disable it or swap it to another Dino.

An example of this would be to spawn a Dodo instead of a T-Rex. To do this simply select the T-Rex in the left box, and select the Dodo in the right box. The click Add To Code and the tool will add the appropriate code to the boxes below.

Be warned that this does not destroy Dinos that have already been spawned into the world. It will only stop more from being spawned. If you want to be rid of existing Dinos you'll have to use an admin cheat in game to destroy them. See the notes at the bottom of this page for more information.

Important Dino Spawn Tool Usage Changes

After our last update it became unweildy to have all of the Dinos display for modification at the same time. Now you just select the dino you want to modify, what you want to modify it to, and then click Add To Code. This will add the dino and its modifications to the code. Repeat for all the Dinos you wish to modify.

If you only want to change the multiplier for Dino Spawns, just enter the number and click Add To Code. It will update only the code for the GameUserSettings.ini file. If this is the only change you want to make, then you don't need to change anything in the Game.ini file.

Likewise, if you only change Dinos and don't change the multiplier, you will only need to edit your Game. ini file, and not the GameUserSettings.ini file. Of course if you make changes to both Dinos and the multiplier, you will need to modify both files.

Increasing this value will increase Dino spawns throughout the game world, while reducing this number will reduce Dino spawns throughout the game world.

Dino Name Replace With



Installing The Code: Step #1

Shutdown the Ark Survival Evolved Dedicated Server. The server cannot be running while you edit these files. Then make a copy of your 'Saved' directory and put it somewhere safe. This directory can be found in the 'ShooterGame' directory of your Ark Server. This will backup your world, character profiles, and current configuration files just in case. That is why I said earlier that it is important to read and follow the instructions. If something goes wrong you can just restore your backed up files and be back to where you started.

Installing The Code: Step #2

Now we need to edit the Game.ini & GameUserSettings.ini files.The first line in each box may already exist in your file. If so, omit this line when you copy your code and simply place the code below the line already existing in your file. If you are only using the Dino Count Multiplier then you can skip editing the Game.ini file.

To find your Game.ini & GameUserSettings.ini files look in your server's directory for one of the following directories, depending on which OS your server box is running:



If you have already added code to this file then there are two possibilities. Look at the custom code generated by our tool. If the first line already exists in your Game.ini file, do not copy that line. But do copy everything else and put it in your Game.ini file under where that line appears.

If the first line you see in our code box does not exist in your Game.ini file, then you can simply copy and paste all of the code and put it at the end of the file.

Remember you must save and close the file after editing it.

As a final note, if you have already tried to set up these configurations and still have any of the code in your files from those attempts, then you should remove that code before adding the code generated by this tool. Having information specified more than once can cause havoc with the server.

Installing The Code: Step #3

Now we have to test things. Make sure you have saved the changes to the Game.ini file and closed it. Then start your server and login to the game with your game client. Then disconnect from your server and shut it down.

Check the Game.ini file again. If the server likes the code, it will all still be there. If there was a problem with it then the server will have replaced the file with a fresh copy that is blank.

As long as the code is still in that file, you're good to go. If it didn't work, please try again and make sure that you have followed the instructions exactly. I have tested this tool and the code several times now and made various changes. It's working fine for me on all the servers I've tested it on. This does include Windows and Linux, so as long as you've installed the code right there should not be a problem.

Notes On Destroying Already Spawned Dinos

Let's take the example of disabling Alpha Dinos. Just because the settings say that they can't spawn doesn't mean that some didn't spawn before. Those may well still be in the world. You won't get more, but you've still got some. To take care of this problem use this admin cheat:

admincheat DestroyAll DinoClassName

Just put the proper Dino Class Name in that command and have at it! For a listing of Dino Class Names, please check here: Creature Class Names