Spooky Hollow Walkthrough Part 1

Walkthroughs For Ghost Master Act 3

Spooky Hollow is a relaxed and easy assignment that gives you access to a powerful restless spirit.

This walkthrough will take you through the Ghost Master assignment Spooky Hollow, freeing Scarecrow, Black Crow, Dragoon, and the hidden spirit Stormtalon. You'll also get a Triple Jack-O-Lantern Scare Rating along the way. You can also check out our Spooky Hollow Video Walkthrough.

Detailed walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment Spooky Hollow.

Recommended Haunters:

List of recommended haunters for the Ghost Master assignment Spooky Hollow. Haunters include Aether, Stonewall, Raindancer, Weatherwitch, Fingers, Harriet, Blue Murder, and Hard Boiled.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of Spooky Hollow, including the important locations:

1. Location of Scarecrow & binding location for Harriet
2. Location of Black Crow & binding location for Stonewall
3. Location of Stormtalon
4. Binding location for Blue Murder & location of mortals who discover the Traitor

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