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Welcome to our Video Walkthrough for Weird Seance from Ghost Master. Below the video you'll find additional information and tips. You can also check out Weird Seance Walkthrough.

Detailed video walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment Weird Seance.

Weird Seance Video Walkthrough Summary

The whole assignment hinges on freeing Lucky. Keep these points in mind, and you should have a good shot:

1. You need to have Lucky use Luckstorm right away.
2. Next you need to hit that Weird Seance to get some quick plasm.
3. You have to have Wendel wake the Frat Leader early on.
4. Terroreyes is easiest to free using Aether and Shattering Song.

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I'm not sure just what it is, but I find this assignment a tough one to get done in time. Even with the luck to free Lucky early, it still seems quite the challenge to empty the house fast enough.

Terroreyes can be freed either using his own Fascinate power, which may cause a mortal to manipulate and drop his jar, or using Aether and Shattering Song. Using Shattering Song is far more effective and is a guaranteed one shot deal.

Wendel is the easy one, because as long as you scare everyone off, he'll be freed. Keep in mind that the guys in the basement make an easy source of Plasm, and scaring them senseless doesn't interfere with the Lucky's situation too badly.

Weird Seance Walkthrough

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