Calamityville Horror Walkthrough Part 1

Walkthroughs for Ghost Master Act 1

Many Ghost Masters have trouble with this assignment, but it's actually fairly easy once you know how to do it. This can be a tricky assignment: read the whole thing first!

This Calamityville Horror Walkthrough will take you through the entire assignment as well as revisits. You can also check out our Calamityville Horror Video Walkthrough.

Detailed walkthrough for the Calamityville Horror assignment in Ghost Master.

Recommended Haunters:

The recommended haunters for the Ghost Master assignment Calamityville Horror are Whilrweird, Stonewall, Boo, Ghastly, and Clatterclaws.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of Calamityville Horror, including the important locations.

1. Location of Arclight and binding position for Stonewall.
2. Location of Static and second binding position for Stonewall.
3. Location of Static after Tremor or Quake and location after Kinesis.
4. Location of Maxine Factor

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