Wisakejak - Ghost Master Haunter Details

Complete List of Haunters for Ghost Master Act 3

Wisakejak is one of the haunters in Ghost Master and is freed in the walkthrough for the assignment Full Mortal Jacket.

These are the powers and associated costs for Wisakejak. Powers marked with a * are the powers Wisakejak starts with and these cannot be changed. Purchase costs are shown in brackets ().

Fool's Errand - Flower Power (50)
Intrigue *
Wild Geese - Creepers (100)
Etheral Gift - Twisted Vines (250)
Fascinate - Jinx (500)

Aboreal Prision *
Shapeshifter *
Loathsome Aspect *
Trojan Gift *
Abhorrent Aspect (2500)

Complete listing of powers and purchase prices for Wisakejak.

Recommended For These Assignments

Wisakejak is recommended for these assignments:

What Lies Over The Cuckoo's Nest and is in our What Lies Over The Cuckoo's Nest Video Walkthrough