Daydreamer - Ghost Master Haunter Details

Complete List of Haunters for Ghost Master Act 2

Daydreamer is one of the haunters in Ghost Master and is freed in the walkthrough for the assignment Phantom Of The Operating Room.

Daydreamer - Fetter: Sleeping

These are the powers and associated costs for Daydreamer. Powers marked with a * are the powers Daydreamer starts with and these cannot be changed. Purchase costs are shown in brackets ().

Fluster - Uncover Fear (50)
Shattered Nerves (75)
Dreamthief *
Delusion - Taste Aura (250)
Sleep *

Aura Reading (750)
Sleepwalk *
Unearthly Calm *
Psychotic Rage (2000)
Expose Fears *

Complete listing of powers and purchase prices for Daydreamer.