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Welcome to our Video Walkthrough for Deadfellas from Ghost Master. Below the video you'll find additional information and tips. You can also check out our Deadfellas Walkthrough.

Detailed video walkthrough for the Deadfellas assignment from Ghost Master.

Deadfellas Video Walkthrough Summary

There are a few glitches in this assignment. They include a stairwell and the freeing of Wavemaster. If you avoid the glitches and keep these points in mind then you should be able to get through in good time:

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1. Use Lucky and Luckstorm to free Knuckles
2. Have Boo use Rattle Chains, then Leak to free Wavemaster
3. The cook must go to the room with Fingers. Use Boo and Fool's Errand
4. Breaking the Urn isn't enough. A mortal must enter the room with Flash Jordon
5. Once the restless spirits are free, scare the Don off the map

Assuming that you avoid the glitches, this assignment still requires a special touch. The Don is someone you need to scare a bit from the beginning. But you don't want to cause a panic before you free the spirits.

One glitch to avoid is having the cutscene for Wavemaster interrupted. Her cutscene starts with the person operating the pump, then changes to one of her being freed. If another spirit's cutscene interrupts before she is free, then it's over. She will be stuck permanently.

Keep in mind also that Flash Jordon takes 2 things for freedom. You must break the Urn. Wavemaster can use Hailstones in the room, and it breaks right away so this isn't a problem. But now a mortal must enter the room, so she can use Possess and be free.

It's silly easy to free Knuckles. If you use Lucky and Luckstorm immediately upon starting the assignment, then bench Lucky, odds are good you'll not get much else done before Knuckles is free. It's usually that fast and easy.

Getting the cook to Fingers can be interesting. Fool's Errand is your best bet. If you scare him badly enough, you might get him to wander in by chance. But you can forget using Rattle Chains. There's another glitch here and when you use Rattle Chanis in the room with fingers they go to the bilge where we found Wavemaster.

If the cutscene doesn't glitch or get interrupted, freeing Wavemaster is as simple as having Boo use Rattle Chains near here. Then as soon as someone starts down the stairs, switch Boo to use Leak. As soon as one of the guys sees the Leak, he'll activate the pump and free Wavemaster.

As a last point, it isn't over when the Don hits the water... scaring him off the ship is just the start. Then he's gotta swim off the map before it's over. That's a time killer, so you have to be fast with the rest of the assignment and get him off the ship fast to get a good time on this one.

Deadfellas Walkthrough

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