The Unusual Suspects Walkthrough Part 1

Walkthroughs for Ghost Master Act 2

This assignment is tricky, and with the stair glitches, it's really hard to get it done fast. This is a tricky assignment, so read the whole thing first!

This walkthrough will take you through the entire assignment and revisits.

Detailed walkthrough for Ghost Master assignment The Unusual Suspects.

Recommended Haunters:

List of Recommended Haunters for the Ghost Master assignment The Unusual Suspects. Haunters include Cogjammer, Clatterclaws, Stonewall, Firetail, Raindancer, and Terroreyes.

Haunter Variations

We found that Terroreyes with his Fascinate Power was the easiest way to get Detective Norman to go and check out the money. You can also use Maxine Factor, or have Boo or Quiver use Fool's Errand.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of the assignment, including the important locations:

1. Location of Banzai & binding position for Stonewall
2. Locations for Electrospasm, & Blue Murder. Binding locations for Raindancer & Terroreyes

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