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Welcome to our Video Walkthrough for Ghostbreakers from Ghost Master. Below the video you'll find additional information and tips. You can also check out our Ghostbreakers Walkthrough.

Detailed video walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment Ghostbreakers.

Ghostbreakers Video Walkthrough Summary

This is a challenging assignment to start with. Getting a decent time, and not losing any haunters, can be quite the challenge. But if you keep these points in mind you should be able to get through it quickly and safely.

1. A Blackout on the van in the back will knock down most of their protection for a short time. Use this time to strike at their wards and alarurm.

2. Dropping a gift behind the building is a good spot to lure someone out to. You've got a better chance of getting your haunters to the basement using the people that wander out back.

3. The moment you have a haunter in the Red Ward, you've got it in the bag. Take that out, and the ghosts are free.

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The make or break on this assignment is the Etheral Gift. Scaring off the Ghostbreakers and emptying the building are easy. What can be tricky is the Red Ward.

There are a few patterns, though. Once you start scaring people those go out the window fast. But I did notice this as a fairly solid point. There are 3 Ghostbreakers that are actually a threat. The woman, and the bald guy do go into the Red Ward as they wander around. The other one doesn't, at least not until he's scared good.

To sum up this assignment you could say this. Hit them with a Blackout, then fry the Green Ward, and Blue Ward Power. After that you can choose to take out the Alarum or leave it be. I find it useful to keep around while the Red Ward is up, but you can fry it if you prefer. Then, it's all a matter of the Etheral Gift, and scaring everyone senseless.

Ghostbreakers Walkthrough
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