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Welcome to our Video Walkthrough for Spooky Hollow from Ghost Master. Below the video you'll find additional information and tips. You can also check out our Spooky Hollow Walkthrough

Detailed video walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment Spooky Hollow.

Spooky Hollow Video Walkthrough Summary

Timing & outdoor terror power are the keys to this assignment. Keep these following points in mind, and the assignment should be over fast:

1. Scarecrow is useful from the beginning. Free him by turning the water to blood.
2. Black Crow is freed by a Tremor near his cabin, or a Quake.
3. Stormtalon is freed when 3 haunters combine powers to create a storm.
4. You need to help the villagers catch this guy, then scare him off.

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There is a lot of timing and a little luck involved in this one. The trick is to use Unearthly Calm so that Dragoon can't scare them off. And remember to use Obsession to get them over to the Windmill quicker.

It is possible to use Possess, but it is problematic at best. Possess makes them immune to haunter powers, so Obsession doesn't work. And yeah, you guessed it, sometimes they can wander forever.

Spooky Hollow Walkthrough
Black Crow, Dragoon, Scarecrow, Stormtalon, Haunter Details