Class Of Spook 'Em High Walkthrough

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The Ghost Master Epilogue assignment Class Of Spook 'Em High requires a lot of speed and serious hit-and-run tactics. However, this is actually an easy assignment.

In this walkthrough we will get rid of the Ghostbreakers once and for all. We'll also get a Triple Jack-O-Lantern Ghost Master Scare Rating.

Detailed walkthrough for the Ghost Master Epilogue Class of Spook 'Em High

Recommended Haunters:

The list of recommended haunters includes Hogwash, Cogjammer, Tricia, Darkling, Harriet, Sparkle, Firetail, and Stormtalon.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of Class Of Spook 'Em High, including the important locations.

1. The Ether Bomb, Red Ward, Red Power, Yellow Ward, Yellow Power
2. Blue Ward, Blue Alarm, Red Alarm, Green Ward, Green Power
3. Location to place the Gift

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Harriet's Ethereal Gift is the place to start

Start off by having Harriet drop an Ethereal Gift near the bottom of the stairs to the top floor. Then bench her and bind Hogwash to the Gift. Have him use Blackout and then shut off his powers. This usually draws the dude from the Ether Bomb room to investigate the lack of power.

He won't usually pick it up until he is on his way back up. As soon as this Gift is in the room with the Ether Bomb, bind Hogwash to any electrical fetter in the room. Start hit-and-run tactics while you wait for this.

Surge is your friend, but shut off the haunter's powers as soon as the Surge is done. You should hit the Blue & Green Wards, as well as the alarums. This will give you a chance to get everyone very scared.

Be warned...

Once you either fry the bomb or scare off a good number of the people they will deploy the Stay Cold Ice Cream Man. Any haunters outside must be benched without hesitation, and you need to be ready to bench any haunter that uses a power. There is no escape from Stay Cold's banishing powers.

Do not blow the Ether Bomb until the moment Stay Cold arrives. Until then, place your haunter in the bomb room and terrorize everyone. Trica & Darkling make a good team in the entryway, but bench them once Stay Cold arrives.

Class Of Spook 'Em High: Revisits

When revisiting the assignment, simply bring your most powerful haunters and follow the walkthrough above.

Getting a Triple Jack-O-Lantern Ghost Master Scare Rating will then be a matter of having the scare power to empty the building fast enough and getting that Gift into the Ether Bomb room quickly.