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Welcome to our Video Walkthrough for Calamityville Horror from Ghost Master. Below the video you'll find additional information and tips. You can also check out Calamityville Horror Walkthrough.

Detailed video walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment Calamityville Horror.

Calamityville Horror Video Walkthrough Summary

As far as assignments go, this one can get frustrating fast. It's a game of patience and luck. But if you keep these few points in mind, you can get it done right:

1. A Quake will set up all 3 spirits for a quicker release.
2. A combination of Fool's Errand and Maxine Factor's Intrigue can really help.
3. Static is a quick one to free. Use Kinesis. It works in both possible fireplace locations.
4. Using Boo with Rattle Chains can help get someone down to investigate Arclight.
5. Once all of the haunters are free, a combination of Intrigue, Rattle Chains, and luck can help them discover the bodies faster.

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Rattle Chains is helpful mostly for Arclight in the basement. But don't use it once someone is in the room, as it can interrupt the sequence that frees Arclight. Static isn't that much of a problem. The only real question is do you want him in the main floor fireplace or the one upstairs?

Maxine Factor is the hard one. A female must inspect the makeup kit. Intrigue will do the trick, if someone is close enough. Fool's Errand helps out a lot here. It can send someone to the makeup kit. Then hit Intrigue to seal the deal.

Calamityville Horror Walkthrough
Arclight, Maxine Factor, Static Haunter Details