Shivers - Ghost Master Haunter Details

Complete List of Haunters for Ghost Master Act 1

Shivers is one of the haunters you start with in Ghost Master. He is also one of the four haunters you must take with you for the tutorial Haunting 101.

Shivers - Fetter: Emotional

These are the powers and associated costs for Shivers. Powers marked with a * are the powers Shivers starts with and these cannot be changed. Purchase costs are shown in brackets ().

Fluster - Lingering Smell (50)
Fright *
Suspicious Stench (100)
Taste Aura *
Numb *

Aura Reading - Terrorise (750)
Paralyse - Spooky Stack (1000)
Twister - Scared To Death (1500)
TK Storm *

Complete list of Shivers' powers and their purchase prices.

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