Facepacks & Broomsticks Walkthrough Part 2

Walkthroughs for Ghost Master Act 2

Freeing the Restless Spirits

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Free Firetail first

We'll start by freeing Firetail and eliminating the Witches' protection.

Bind Raindancer to the water element of the circle and have her use Rain. Bench her as soon as the circle broken cut scene is over.

Hogwash is next on the list

The next step is to start freeing Hogwash. You need to get the dude with the headphones in here with Hogwash.

Scaring him out of the house works well. And having Trica use an Etheral Gift is also good. Boo's or Quiver's Fool's Errand may help too.

And now for Tricia

Find the girl with the same hair as Tricia and make sure the bathroom is empty. The girl you are looking for is named Blair.

Use Fool's Errand to send her up to Tricia. Make sure Tricia's powers are off. She'll Clone the girl when she looks in the mirror.