Phasmophobia Hunts and Survival

Phasmophobia - Trinity's Guide

Surviving a Hunt in Phasmophobia is a good skill to learn. No matter how good you get at the game, eventually it will hunt. And no matter how good you get at the game you will occasionally get killed.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you don't have a flashlight turned on then you may not even know the ghost is hunting. When your flashlight is turned on, you'll be able to see it flickering and know that the ghost is hunting. It is much harder to see this with a UV Light. Of course, you can also see the ghost cause the lights in various rooms to flash. But that is not guaranteed.

You can also help prevent or reduce hunts with a few smart moves. For one, you should keep the lights on as much as possible. In the Ghost's home room, you'll probably need the lights off for most of the equipment to work. But the path from the truck to the room should be well lit. You can also use Candles & Sanity Pills to help reduce the hunts.

And that leads us to the discussion about Sanity. Keep sanity high and keep people with low sanity out of the building. Except if you are trying to make the Ghost hunt for the purpose of trying to stop it with a Crucifix. You don't need to make the ghost hunt to get evidence, and making the ghost hunt a lot can often make the collection of evidence either hard or impossible.

Another way to stop a hunt is to place a Crucifix where you think it will spawn. If you have a Crucifix in the right area it will stop the ghost from hunting. Each Crucifix can stop two hunts before its power is depleted.

If the ghost is a Banshee and you can figure out who it wants to kill, or at least one person it doesn't want to kill, then you can completely avoid hunts. Just have the person targeted by the Banshee stay in the truck. And if someone tells you its always the host, that's not true. Anyone on the team can be targeted.

Learning to survive a hunt in Phasmophobia is something everyone needs to learn, because the ghost will hunt.

Now as for actually surviving the hunt, the main thing to do is hide. You'll also want to turn your light off and keep quiet. Your light and your mouth can get you killed during a hunt. Hiding in a closet, locker, or room can keep you safe. Having your light off and your mouth shut will also help.

Running for your life can also work. You'll want to take corners, go around furniture, and use stairs. All of these things can slow down the ghost and buy you the time you need to find a place to hunker down and hide. Keep in mind, some ghosts can outrun you on a straight path. And even hooking the ghost on corners is not guaranteed.

If you are in a bathroom with toilet stalls it is possible to survive a hunt in there by quickly hiding in a stall and closing the door. I've done this on many occasions and it does work.

To know if a hunt is over you can flick on your flashlight for a moment and see if it is still flashing. You can also flick on your walkie talkie for a quick moment and see if it is only static. I prefer the flashlight. The walkie talkie static is loud and annoying, and I fear it may be more likely to reveal your presence than the flashlight. Staring at the ground with your flashlight when you check it can minimize the amount of exposure it gives you.

Now you'll also want to listen for your heartbeat. If your heart starts pounding you are in real trouble and need to move. Moving just a little may calm it, or you may need to run for your life, depending on the situation. Keep in mind, sooner or later, a hunt will kill you. Unless you spend your game time cowering in the truck and never go in and let everyone else carry you, sooner or later you will get killed. It happens.

This part is one I've debated long and hard on including. In the end, I feel I have to share it. People that glitch or cheat can also get you killed. They can destabilize the map, the server, and totally screw up the doors. I've seen it happen. Then there are the people that take all the sanity pills right away and leave the team short on a valuable and limited resource. Or perhaps they just close the door in your face and hold it shut to trap you. All of this can get you and the team killed.