Fingerprints in Phasmophobia

Gathering Phasmophobia Journal Evidence

Fingerprints are another type of evidence in Phasmophobia that can be used to help you identify the type of ghost in your journal. To see Fingerprints you need a UV Light or Glow Stick. It is not uncommon for Fingerprints to show up only after several minutes have passed and the ghost has had a chance to be active. Keep in mind that not all ghosts produce Fingerprints.

You can find Fingerprints on doors and windows as a full, easy to see handprint, or as a single, small finger print on a light switch, which can be very difficult to see. If you take a photo of the Fingerprint (or handprint), you may get some cash for the photo at the end of the assignment.

While this may seem blindingly obvious Footprints are NOT Fingerprints!

Once you have started collecting evidence, you can use our Phasmophobia Ghost Identifier to help you quickly determine what kind of evidence you should be looking for and what evidence you won't find.

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