Freezing Temperatures in Phasmophobia

Gathering Phasmophobia Journal Evidence

Freezing Temperatures is a type of evidence in Phasmophobia that helps you to identify the type of ghost in your journal. This is one of the only types of evidence that can be discovered and confirmed without equipment, because you will see your breath and a puffy cloud near the ground.

Using a Thermometer you'll be able to verify Freezing Temperatures, which is any temperature below 0C or 32F. When you are in an area with Freezing Temperatures you'll usually see your breath. Often once people see a temperature near Freezing Temperatures in Phasmophobia they will drop their Thermometer and switch to other equipment to continue exploring the room. They will watch for their breath and then may switch back to the Thermometer for final confirmation of Freezing Temperatures.

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Keep in mind that if someone is using a Smudge Stick in the room it is possible to mistake the smoke from the Smudge Stick for Freezing Temperatures. As a result, it is always a good idea to take a quick minute to verify the temperature with a Thermometer. And remember, not all ghosts will produce Freezing Temperatures.

Once you have started collecting evidence, you can use our Ghost Identifier to help you quickly determine what kind of evidence you should be looking for and what evidence you won't find.