Ghost Orbs In Phasmophobia

Gathering Phasmophobia Journal Evidence

Ghost Orbs are a type of Evidence in Phasmophobia that is used to identify the type of Ghost. The only way to see Ghost Orbs is to setup a Video Camera in the room and then watch on the monitor from the truck. You need to turn off the lights in the room when using the Video Camera and use the Video Camera's night vision to see the ghost orbs.

For best results set up more than one camera in the room to give you different views, as it is common to miss the orbs when using a single Video Camera. It can also take a few minutes to see the ghost orbs. There may be only the odd one. Sometimes, however, there are several and it is easy to spot them. Keep in mind that not all types of ghosts produce Ghost Orbs. You can also have a teammate use a Head Mounted Camera.

Once you have started collecting evidence, you can use our Phasmophobia Ghost Identifier to help you quickly determine what kind of evidence you should be looking for and what evidence you won't find.

While I have yet to see Ghost Orbs on the Security Cameras at the High School or Asylum in Phasmophobia, I have seen them many times on the Security Cameras at the Prison. In fact, we (me and the person I duo with) have seen them without even picking up the key or opening the truck. We just load into the truck and look at the Security Cameras and we can see the orbs with enough regularity that we always check those Security Cameras before we even open the truck door.

Ghost Orbs are a type of evidence in Phasmophobia that will help you identify the type of ghost.