Phasmophobia Video Camera

Equipment In Phasmophobia

The Video Camera in Phasmophobia is primarily used to find Ghost Orbs. It has a Night Vision mode and a normal mode, which is useless. You can also mount the Video Camera on a Tripod for easier deployment and, in some cases, a better view.

Effective Usage of the Phasmophobia Video Camera

The Video Camera can be placed on the floor and angled to observe any area you wish. The light in the room should be turned off and people should leave the room to prevent their flashlights from interfering with the view from the Video Camera. The Video Camera must be observed from the computer monitor in the truck.

If you angle the Video Camera and the Ghost Writing Book correctly you can even see if a ghost writes in the Ghost Writing Book from the truck. Don't put the Video Camera too close to the Ghost Writing Book though. The Night Vision light from the Video Camera can wash out the view of the Ghost Writing Book, making it nearly impossible to see if anything is written in it. Keep in mind that you must use the Night Vision mode to see Ghost Orbs. For more information on this trick, please see our entry for the Ghost Writing Book.

The Video Camera in Phasmophobia is primarily used to detect Ghost Orbs.