Ghost Writing in Phasmophobia

Gathering Phasmophobia Journal Evidence

To get Ghost Writing as evidence, you will need to place a Ghost Writing Book in the location that the ghost is haunting. It may take a while for the ghost to write in the book. Sometimes turning the lights off in the ghost's room and leaving the house for a few minutes can help. Keep in mind not all ghost types use the Ghost Writing Book.

Also remember to check the White Board in the truck to see if the ghost will respond to everyone or only a person that is alone. If the ghost only responds to people alone, then one person will have to be alone in the room, or possibly alone in the house. You can also use a Video Camera to observe the Ghost Writing Book from the truck. For more information on this trick, please see our Ghost Writing Book section.

Once you have started collecting evidence, you can use our Phasmophobia Ghost Identifier to help you quickly determine what kind of evidence you should be looking for and what evidence you won't find.

Some ghosts in Phasmophobia will use the Ghost Writing Book. This will provide you with evidence that will help you identify the type of ghost that you are dealing with in a case.