Repairing Brake Systems

Guide To Diagnostics & Repairs - Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

Diagnosing & repairing brake systems in Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 can be fast and easy, providing you know what to look for and where. Best of all it doesn't even require upgrade tools or tests to make the job quick and easy.

Detailed guide to diagnosing and repairing brake systems in Car Mechanic Simulator 2015.

General Brake Repair Tips

There are only a few places brake parts hide. And there are a few tests that can help you figure out which parts are faulty. But you know, that's not the fastest and easiest way to figure out what is wrong with brakes.

First off, look under the hood. You'll quickly spot 1-3 parts of interest. The Brake Servo and possibly an ABS Pump & ABS Module. If you can't tell on visual inspection if they are faulty, pop them off and you'll know the moment they hit your inventory. Now toss those parts back on. If any of them are trashed, replace them with new ones.

Always check the repair order as you go along. This can prevent you from spending extra time checking things only to discover that you've already found all the defects.

Go wheel by wheel now, especially with fast unbolt and fast dissassembly this doesn't take long. Once the wheel is off you'll be able to see most of the parts, though if we are talking drum brakes, you'll want to pop off the drum too. With disc brakes you'll want to pop off the calliper to get a better look at the brake pad.

Once the wheel is off it is simple and quick to pull all the brake parts. The moment they hit your inventory you'll know if they are the problem part. Check below for details on each part of the brake system and for details on variances between vehicles.