Blackwell Convergence Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs for Blackwell Convergence

Welcome to our complete collection of walkthroughs for Blackwell Convergence. These walkthroughs will take you through the entire Blackwell Convergence game, revealing the solutions to puzzles. You'll find write-ups, screenshots, and videos.

Detailed walkthroughs for The Blackwell Convergence. Includes write-ups, screenshots, and video.

This walkthrough covers Blackwell Convergence from its opening scene through to laying to rest the spirit of Allen Reiken.

Detailed walkthrough for freeing the ghost at the office highrise. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

In this walkthrough we pick up the story at Rosa's apartment just as her and Joey return from freeing Allen. We take you through the Park Gallery and continue right on through freeing the Bridge Ghost.

Detailed walkthrough for laying to rest the spirit of Frank Lyons and setting the bridge ghost free.

In this walkthrough for Blackwell Convergence, we continue with Rosa and Joey back at the apartment after freeing the spirit of Frank Lyons. We'll also cover their first encounter with the ghost of The Countess.

Detailed walkthrough for uncovering the Countess and exploring Claude's art in Blackwell Convergence.

This walkthrough picks up the story when Rosa and Joey return to her apartment after their encounter with Claude and the Countess at the Park Gallery and continues right through the endgame.

Detailed walkthrough for Blackwell Convergence uncovering the plot at the Meltzer Foundation and finally laying to rest the Countess.